Established in 1995, ICD KOLLAM has been sailing remarkably from glory to greater glory, all these 25 years. Starting with just 3 students, the institute has been instrumental in the success of more than 12,000 young professionals, mostly in banks. All these years the society has reposed tremendous trust in us, and we have lived up to it.. It’s no wonder that we have made ‘KOLLAM THE CENTRE FOR BANK TEST TRAINING’. In at least 70-80% of the bank branches in Kerala, you can find an ICDian working. Others’ Envy; Our Pride State-of-the-art infrastructure, committed professionalism, studious aspirants, strict learning environment and updated curriculum- all have meshed well in right proportion to make ICD KOLLAM what it is today. Apart from teaching from the fundamentals of topics, we lay heavy emphasis on making students read. Our encouragement to read metamorphoses them in two ways. It helps them bridge the huge accumulated reading deficit that most of the students carry all along their schools and colleges. Secondly, it helps them stand ahead of the curve, when it comes to Personality tests and Interviews. ICD KOLLAM makes students believe that fundamentally, competitive exams are different from their academic exams and one can succeed, only if one has the fire in the belly. There is no red-carpet to success. One has to toil hard. We assure, we shall be with you. Together, we shall consummate success. The story so far has been the same. The story is going to be the same.

We are professional trainers of Competitive Exams, especially Bank Recruitment Exams. With our measured training, thousands of educated young job aspirants have been placed in various organizations mainly banks and other organizations, including the governments. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 12,000 ICDians working in various organizations, mainly banks stand the true testimony. We closely follow the subtle changes that are happening in the recruitment processes, and diligently follow them. The course materials are updated almost daily. We mint them literally. The big reservoir of questions and their solutions built over 25 years, keep us ahead. We put the students through a very strict, but comfortable regimen which will help them stand ahead of the curve. Both our ONLINE programme and the REGULAR CLASS ROOM programme are aimed at transforming an average graduate to meet the demands of the exams. All our teachers are permanent faculty members with time-tested commitment and vast experience to their claim. We engage the students for a good number of hours daily, with course materials with maximum approximation to real tests. Out teachers make themselves available for students and are at their service whole heartedly. 25 years of unquestionable leadership in Bank test Training tells the tale.