At the outset, let me state with all the emphasis at my command, that ICD is what it is today, because of the intensive and exhaustive training regimen that we follow as part of our Regular Campus Programme. Our phenomenal success is eloquent corroboration of the precept that there is no better way of learning, than the preceptor and the disciples being together in a classroom.

The Regular IN-CAMPUS Programme (Programme Code 001) provided by ICD KOLLAM is of six month duration. We follow a Six-day week. We may provide free extension to deserving candidates, till they get the job, if they keep very good level of attendance.

The programme is a very comprehensive one, covering all aspects of both the Probationary Officer and Clerical Cadre exams. The course is available through our campuses at Thevally and Kalluvathukkal in Kollam.  We have no branches anywhere.

There will be a regular 2 hours of classroom and 2 of practice sessions everyday, except on Sundays. The faculty members will teach the lessons from the scratch. The spacious classrooms, the supreme infrastructure, committed faculties and the biggest reservoir of question papers – all will add value to quality training.

Apart from the classroom learning as mentioned above, our mobile APP, ‘UDYOG SEVA’ and its full course content will be open to the students who join the Programme – 1, that too free of cost. Students can do the mock-tests through their mobiles, laps from anywhere, or can do them in our full-fledged exam labs.

The questions that are given in the classrooms and through the mobile applications would keep the same degree of toughness level. The parallel learning will ease the pressure of the students, as they can learn at their convenience and they can set their own pace.

Do not think that it’s over. There will be simulation tests every week, at least two of them a week. These tests will get you the feeling of real exams and will meet their demands.

There will be daily the Hindu Newspaper Analysis so as to inculcate the habit of reading in students and to help them perform well in the General awareness section of the exams. Our faculty members will be available for any doubt clearance and will be at their service always.

The whole idea is to give the students the impression that ‘competitive exams’ are by very nature, different from the academic exams that they have been through. Through the regimen that we have kept all these years, we have proven that our methods have been successful. We are supremely confident that we may continue to succeed.

Step into our campus with a strong self-belief and repose full trust in us. We can do a good job together that will enable you to start a good career. Your success is our success. Let us thrive for it.